A Quick Thought on Normalcy

Normalcy is an impossible, imaginary standard of something we all simultaneously wish to attain and turn from – a fantasy to measure ourselves against, that seems perfect because it’s smooth and bumpy in predictable, societally-acceptable ways. 

“Screw normal”, “normal’s overrated” “I wish I was normal for once”, people say. Who knows what’s normal and what is not? It’s all perspective-based anyway. Those who say that normalcy is overrated rarely think of themselves as being normal themselves, because hardly anybody thinks they are normal. And people who do often want spice in their lives. In one way or another we all think that each of us is distinct from “the norm”, the average, the mundane. Yet often we think that Being Normal will solve problems – hence peer pressure and so forth. It’s a continuous tug-of-war. At least for teenagers.

Yeah, this came up in Chemistry class today and begged to be written down. And sometimes it’s the obvious things that I feel like writing.


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