Miscellaneous Design Pieces

This is a sampling of my InDesign work. I will give a brief description of each piece and the process used to get there.

Customer Experience Map: Dunkin Donuts

For this class project, I had to analyze a store, interview customers, and make a map of customers' experiences while visiting the store. I could also suggest improvements to the system.

Personas of customers attending the specific Dunkin' Donuts I chose

After interviewing four people and making eight quick sketches of map ideas, I settled on a three-row format: a timeline of events, user emotions throughout the process, and a list of improvements based off those emotions. Since the map's purpose was to suggest store improvements as well as map the customer experience, I figured this format tied the purposes together well.

For the final version (top), I added the Dunkin Donuts colors (modified for readability), a line indicating the neutral emotional state for reference, and removed the boxes around each set of improvements in favor of columns.

NU Sci Article Layouts

I design print layouts for NU Sci, the campus science magazine.

Created (right) for the Spring 2017 campus issue of NU Sci; the left article I designed for fun


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